The Sturbanger is a Artillery/Cannon type robot. It boasts 3 starting weapons: a 6 rocket pack on it's back and 2 rockets on it's arms. The 6 rocket pack requires the use to be at a distance from it's target. This robot's 6 Rocket Pack proves to be a damaging weapon if used in a open area.


UC Cost:


Weapons: (Please find/confirm the names of these weapons)

6 Rocket Pack: This weapon requires a lock-on in order to fire. It takes the appearance of 6 tubes that are mounted on it's back. When equipped, the tubes spread out. Once fired, it shoots rockets 2 at a time, starting with the outer tubes, the middle then the inner then it repeats. This robot suffers in small, enclosed areas, as the 6 rocket pack requires a distance in order to hit their targets. This weapon has a dead-zone where it's rockets can't hit the target, because the rockets acually fly around a little before hitting the target, which will be a problem in small area since the rockets will simply hit a wall and explode, rendering using this weapon useless in small areas. This forces the player to use the Sturbanger's weaker Napalm Rockets until there's a large enough distance to use this weapon again.

Napalm Rockets: The Sturbanger has one of these on each arm. Each gun fires separate from the other gun.