The way to get to Quest Counter is as follow:

1 - Go to Central Area Teleport in your Union Area.

2 - Teleport to Central Area by pressing Right Mouse Button.

3 - Make your way to Ground Area Teleport.

4 - Teleport to Ground Area by pressing Right Mouse Button.

5 - Make your way to Quest Counter

- Random Dude: Here's the Google Translated list for the items that are searched for in Quest. I was about to use the item location list, until I realized that the very first one was wrong >_<


Sword [Miracle] broken sword
Coin [Fate] of gold coins
Light [Light] Hand Prophecy
Rod [Guardian] Carbon Rod
Gear [Despair] is lacking in gear
Bullet [Bullet] oblivion
Disc [Disc] Second Wind
MusicBox [Delight] music box
RedOil [Fall] Red Oil
Compass [Labyrinth] Compass

Table 10 Pre TorejarutoEdit

GRADE TITLE Treasure REWARD Initial rank choice (Lv) Fastest Route
1 Elementary Treasure Light Sword 1300 From the beginning Plain (Blue) Blue Qing (Area 6)
2 Intermediate Treasure Light Sword Coin 2100 Nyuhiro <3> more Plain (blue), blue Qing(Area 9)
3 Senior Treasure Light gear Coin 2700 Nyuhiro <06> more Plain (Red) Blue Blue Blue
4 Treasure of the unexplored Bullet coin disc 4700 Hero Iron <09> more Plain (blue) - Wild (Blue) - Blue Sites (blue), red red Qing
5 Phantom Treasure Rod gear oil 5100 Hero Steel <12> more Plain (Red) Red Qing Wilderness (blue) red red Qing
Six Ancient treasure Coin Compass Light Gear 5400 Hero Steel <15> more Plain (Red) Blue Blue Blue Wilderness (blue) - red, blue, red
Seven Legendary Treasure Bullet disk Rod Wright 5700 Hero chromium <18> more Plain (Blue) - Blue Blue Wild (Blue) - Blue Sites (blue), red red Qing
Eight Ultimate Treasure Bullet coin Orgel Light 5700 Hero Ti <21> more Plain (red), blue-green Wilderness (blue) - red red
Nine Infinite Treasure Bullet disk light rod gear 6900 Silver Hero <24> more Plain (Blue) - Blue Blue Wild (Blue) Blue Blue Qing Sites (blue), red red Qing
10 Treasure of the Gods Rod disk compass gear 7500 Silver Hero <27> more Plain (Red) Blue Qing Wilderness (blue) - red, blue, red Sites (blue), red red Qing

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