Lily Rain 01

Lily Rain

Lily Rain is an ART type Mecha Musume. She uses homing shots and is suited for long-range combat. She is one of the first ART types you can start off with.


Not much is know about Lily Rain other than she is an Angel Force member. It's possible that she is a Neet because she is often seen lazing around with domestic technology. It also supports the fact that she doesn't go directly into battle.


Due to Lily's Trance Skirt, she has a Bipolar disorder, and can turn her from innocent to deadly. She is generally depicted as a nice and kind girl despite this.


Winberrl - It's possible that Lily and Winberrl have a close relationship. They are often seen together in official art, most of which depict Winberrl teasing Lily and being extremely friendly with her.

Kisuril - Lily Rain's nemesis, a member of Chaos Legion. She was able to successfully defeat Lily Rain before Lily Rain received a new upgrade that upgraded her to Lily Rain Eve



Lily Rain uses long-ranged attacks and attacks from a fair distance. She is not suited for close combat, and cannot fly for as long as the others.

In Other MediaEdit

Lily Rain appears in the Cosmic Break manga as a pedestrian of Angel Force. She is protected by Crim in the fight against Ivis.