&nbsp Gashapon is a type of slot machine similar to the real life "catchapon". In-game Gashapon lets a player exchange his or her UC currency for rollouts on one of five different roulettes in the machine. The roulette rolled upon is chosen by the player, each having a variety of robots, weapons, parts and items which are dispensed at random. Not all items are of equal value, and thus rare items have a lower probablity of acquisition. Rarity of an item is indicated by a metal-caste system to denote the value of a particular prize. The cost for one spin on any Gashapon is priced at 2000 UC, or 8000 UC for five spins.

Prize ValueEdit

Gold ball: Exceedingly rare. Only premier robot model prizes have this value.

Silver ball: Very rare. Features sub/main weapons and robot models that are of high grade.

Bronze ball: Rare. Typically features weapons that are of significant value.

Green/Red ball: Uncommon. Features weapons that are of above standard grade.

Blue ball: Common. Items used in tune-ups and tune-up parts exchanges are the only prizes featured at this value.

Prize ListsEdit

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Gashapon is found in the shop section of the game. It is indicated by the small, pokeball-esque, icon.