Cannon/Artillery types specialize in long range combat. Robots in this type usually use rockets. However, Cannon type robots lack mobility in the battlefield, often rendering them vulnerable to the quicker moving robot types which can easily chase them down. If an Artillery can keep opponents at a distance, they can potentially cause alot of damage to any opposition that get's hit with their bombardment of explosives. Most weapons that a Cannon/Artillery uses require the player to lock-on (In order to lock-on, all a player has to do is to keep their reticle on a target long enough. Eventually, a red circle will appear around the target, marking that particular enemy will be the target of the player's weapons) to their target before they can be fired. Also, some weapons will have the ability to lock on multiple targets, allowing a robot to fire multiple projectiles that will track the targets down.

List of Artillery/Cannon type robots (Please Add More Artillery/Cannon type robots to this list):Edit


Lily Rain